Is Your Business Ready For Managed IT Services?

When is the right time to consider using a managed IT services company? Well ask yourself this – is your current IT model working? Are your current IT staff being swamped with too much work and not enough time to focus on business projects? Are your users frustrated with slow computers and networks? Do you[…]

Managed IT Services for Manufacturers

Manufacturing IT departments tend to struggle to support a global organization from a single location and stick to a fixed budget and staffing requirements. Manufacturers have unique IT requirements and challenges compared to most business’s and usually find tasking internal IT with all their computing needs, that their business expectations are not being met. Therefore,[…]

5 Reasons Your Small Business Will Profit from Managed IT Services

Does your business need IT? If so, do you consider the money you spend on IT an investment or an expense? A well-executed IT setup will assist your end users in becoming more efficient at their jobs, allowing your business to yield more profit that it does today. A managed service provider is your best[…]

5 Ways to Reduce Eyestrain when using Computers & Smartphones

5 Ways to Reduce Eyestrain when using Computers & Smartphones #1 – The Obvious – Dim your computer or phone screen. There is also the “Auto Brightness” option on most smartphones. With this setting turned on, your phone will automatically adjust brightness according to the amount of light you are currently in. #2 – 20-20[…]

Do You Have A Backup Plan?

Data backup is hardly a part of a home computer user’s or business IT administrator’s plans, we all say it will never happen to me or my company, but in reality we are just mentally preparing for the time we lose our data. There are different ways to backup your data including, “On-Premises Backup” and[…]

Understanding Cloud Technology

BluZebra Quick Tips Understanding Cloud Technology 1. What is the Cloud? The cloud is virtual and therefore does not require any hardware of your own to deliver a service. Cloud technology can deliver that service to you, without having to install anything or have it on a server at your business. This is something that[…]