Managed IT Services for Manufacturers

Manufacturing IT departments tend to struggle to support a global organization from a single location and stick to a fixed budget and staffing requirements. Manufacturers have unique IT requirements and challenges compared to most business’s and usually find tasking internal IT with all their computing needs, that their business expectations are not being met. Therefore, they should partner with an MSP that has experience in the manufacturing field, and outsourcing core IT management functions to an experienced managed services provider may offer a solution.

ERP Downtime

Real-time ERP systems provide such aspects as product and production planning, manufacturing or service delivery, marketing and sales, materials management, inventory management and shipping and payment. ERP downtime can contribute to reduced management efficiency, reduced production efficiency and increase of costs. Using a managed service provider reduces the risk of downtime by properly managing computer, storage and fixed network assets.

Manufacturing Business Requirements

Our team at BluZEBRA Technologies are highly experienced with a multitude of certifications and diverse experiences, including involvement with current and past manufacturing business clients. We understand your business requirements and can assist you in balancing your IT needs while productively, efficiently and effectively running your manufacturing processes.

MSP Costs

You would probably expect to pay a high-cost for these services, but this is incorrect, expect to pay lower costs than what you would pay for an entire internal IT department. BluZEBRA Technologies services are a fraction of the price that it would cost for you to hire full-time employees. To aid with financial forecasting and budgeting, BluZEBRA offers an easy to understand SLA which will determine predictable prices for your peace of mind.

Time is Money

Time is money in the manufacturing business – that being said, when partnering with an MSP, formerly overworked IT employees will be able to use their new-found time to support business initiatives and build a competitive advantage. They can work on projects that they once had no free-time to work on, aiding to the growth of your business.

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