Is Your Business Ready For Managed IT Services?

When is the right time to consider using a managed IT services company?

Well ask yourself this – is your current IT model working?

Are your current IT staff being swamped with too much work and not enough time to focus on business projects?

Are your users frustrated with slow computers and networks?

Do you find it hard to maintain valuable IT staff?

If you answered yes to these questions, then it’s probably about time you contact an MSP, for at the very least a chat about what services they can offer to allow your IT team to concentrate on more strategic projects.
One of the most misconceived views businesses have about MSP’s is that their IT team will become obsolete once the contract is signed and the MSP takes over ALL IT tasks. This is simply not true. Think of an MSP as a partner, not a replacement. MSP’s can complement rather than replace your existing internal IT team and very few companies get rid of their IT staff once having an MSP assist them.

Is your business growing but your technology is outdated?

You shouldn’t allow your outdated technology hold back your business growth and if it is, then you should consider updating to current tech. One telltale sign of old technologies is on the look of your frustrated staffs faces when they are furiously clicking their mouse button over and over because their screen has frozen when trying to open a simple program. This could be a simple fix of installing additional RAM or something more complex such as updating your servers. So be on the lookout for frustrated users within your company and take note on these events – it will be valuable when you finally contact an MSP. Adding to this, if your manufacture dates on your equipment are more than 5 years old, then it’s about time to upgrade!

Your computers are getting sick?

When old routers, servers and firewalls are still operating within your business, they are occasionally running outdated operating systems. This is because your older technology doesn’t have the right minimum specifications to run a newer OS. Older operating systems tend to get more viruses due to their virus updates being obsolete. Regular replacement and operating system upgrades safeguard you with patches and updates to fend of viruses and malware.

Has your productivity come to a crawl?

Outdated equipment comes with reduced productivity and output. If you’ve noticed that your productivity is down from last year or the year before, it might be due to your failing and slow systems.

The Math

You have 4 systems crash each day for a year, for a total of 5 minutes each (rebooting takes time with old software/hardware).

261 (days) x 20 (mins) = 3.6 days of rebooting computers – That’s 3.6 days of productivity a year wasted. And that’s just for rebooting computers…what about the work your staff had been crunching out for an hour before the crash and hadn’t saved? Eep!

Hopefully you have determined if Managed IT Services if something your business can use. The next step is to find the right MSP for your business needs.
If you’re a small to medium business, contact BluZEBRA Technologies today to speak to an IT Expert. If we aren’t a right fit for your business, we will refer you to someone who can help!

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