5 Reasons Your Small Business Will Profit from Managed IT Services

Does your business need IT? If so, do you consider the money you spend on IT an investment or an expense? A well-executed IT setup will assist your end users in becoming more efficient at their jobs, allowing your business to yield more profit that it does today. A managed service provider is your best bet on executing and maintaining all your IT woes. The following are just a few ways that BluZEBRA Technologies can help you make more money.

Free up Your Existing IT

Small business IT departments are usually overwhelmed by the amount of responsibilities they have to keep up with each and every day. Most times they will have a couple of IT experts assigned to manage the entire IT infrastructure for the business. Resources eventually become spread thin, especially with tedious software updates, backups and maintenance checks.

If you were to partner with an MSP, your existing IT staff could concentrate on other projects your business requires, while your basic IT requirements are being completed in the background. Freeing up your staff’s time enables your business to profit, grow and run smoothly while we take care of your updates, backups and a plethora of other tedious mundane tasks.

Knowing your Monthly Costs

For companies that don’t have or need in-house IT, using a managed service provider is a great way for you and your staff to receive the support you need at a predictable monthly recurring cost. With today’s tools a MSP can provide a high level of service for everyday IT occurrences, as well as monitor and manage your back-end systems 24/7.
An MSP will have a variety of programs that can cover just about every aspect of your business IT needs. From end user and server remote support offerings, managed antivirus and backup and disaster recovery programs to cloud based programs, a good MSP will work with you to tailor a package that meets your needs.

Seamless Transition

Changing the technology your small business uses can be a stressful process. First, you have to research all your options and hope that you choose the right one. Then you have to implement the new system or program. You may even have to train all your employees on how to use the new technology so that your business operations are not interrupted. For companies who are not in the business of IT, this can be an overwhelming but unavoidable scenario.

In a situation like this, it pays to rely on a managed IT services provider. Their experts research new technologies and can help you choose the hardware and software that are right for your business. They can implement the new program and provide training if needed. This will alleviate the burden of trying to implement a new system yourself and actually save you time and money.

Data Protection

One of the most expensive disasters that can occur at a small business is a breach in your data security. If your computers are infected with a virus, malware, or sensitive information is stolen off of them, it could ruin your business overnight. Smart small business profit by evading pointless expenses, and recovering from an IT attack is one of the most expensive.

A managed service provider can supply you with the kind of data security expertise that all business’ need to rely on. The scope and complexity of security threats is always growing, which is why you need a dedicated professional on your side if you want to be truly protected.

Infrastructure Growth

The kinds of IT that small business rely on have advanced in exciting ways in recent years. Unfortunately, taking advantage of tools like remote monitoring and electronic ticketing systems is expensive and complicated should you go it alone. Even worse, you may end up paying for more technology than you need.

If you work with an IT company, they can provide you with access to this technology and the training to use it effectively and spare you from having to make a full investment. You get the best technology that the present has to offer without having to make an expensive investment in new IT.

Managed IT services providers are in the business of providing great service with modern IT tools and offer a mix of programs to cover just about any small business IT need. It doesn’t cost you anything to contact an MSP and listen to their experience and solutions that can help your small business operate at a high efficiency. So what are you waiting for? Call BluZEBRA Technologies today to find out how they can help your business lower costs and succeed!

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