May 5, 2016

Mac Support & Services

Migrating to Mac

Are you thinking about making the big move to Macintosh? BluZEBRA Technologies can help with the migration and manage your services, whether you have Windows and Mac devices, BluZebra is set-up to manage a hybrid environment to suit your business needs.

So, why make the move to Mac? Well for starters, Apple hardware is designed not only to look good, but to be the best, from high-end Retina Displays and fast PCI-e flash storage, you can’t go wrong. Battery life on Macs supersede that of most Windows laptops. Mac’s OS X interface is simple and effective and takes very little time to get used to, making the switch from Windows to OS X pleasant, not to mention it is safer from viruses and malware. And last but not least, you can use anything from Parallels to VM Ware as a solution to running Windows on your Mac machine, meaning you can have the best of both worlds!

Apple Consultants Network

BluZEBRA Technologies provides certified Apple Consultants who have completed Apple Training courses and are constantly refreshing their skills as the latest Apple hardware and software is introduced.

BluZEBRA Technologies Mac Services

Considerations before making the switch

BluZEBRA’s Apple Consultants will make sure your business can survive in a Mac environment, by checking the current applications or programs your business uses are supported by OS X. Are you a heavy Microsoft Office user? No problem, Mac supports the entire Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and more.

BluZEBRA Technologies Mac Services Includes:

  • POWERFUL & Secure Monitoring & Management of Mac Devices
  • FAST & Easy Deployment
  • MULTIPLE – Mixed Platform Devices
  • LATEST & up-to-date Software
  • OS X – Server Support
  • INSTALLATION & Upgrades

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