March 16, 2017

IT Security Expertise

BluZEBRA IT Security Expertise

Viruses and Malware can pose a serious threat to your business operations and with new threats coming every day, keeping your business safe against cyber-crime is more important than ever. Keeping data and systems secure is a crucial priority for your organization and for us. We work with the best technologies to help keep your systems secure, leaving you with peace of mind. We know the growing threat level facing organizations in the modern business environment requires a comprehensive analysis coupled with a proven IT security solution designed to prevent multiple forms of attacks.

Do You Have ANY Security Measures In Place?

More small and medium-sized businesses are turning to managed service providers for enhanced IT security, due to the increasing frequency of data breaches and the variety in which they are caused. Below are the top causes of data breaches in 2014 & 2015:

Is Your IT Security Strategy Incomplete?

Security is a major concern for many business’s, yet many of them do not have the proper plans in place to respond to and recover from a disaster situation or security incident, which can leave them vulnerable to costly downtime and data loss. Below are the percentage of small to medium business’s to which the following applies:

Is the IT Security Gap a Threat to SMBs?

With lean IT staffs, many business’s lack the resources and expertise to manage complex security infrastructures. While threats to security are proliferating, these organizations aren’t taking the proper precautions to protect themselves and their networks. The data below shows the gap between the level of concern and the level of protection for given IT security issues.

Threat Detection

Your organization’s security depends on your ability to detect emerging threats in your cloud and on-premises environments and to respond to them quickly. Yet, hackers are constantly evolving their attack methods, making threat detection an ever-moving target. No matter how good your security system, bad things are always going to find their way in. We don’t believe in scare tactics, but we do always want to make sure you know what is going on. That is why we monitor for any possible threats and respond as soon as we detect them.

Anti-virus and Malware

Today’s online landscape offers great advantages to modern organizations but also, brings significant risks. To ensure the success of your business, you need to affect the right mix of security checks and balances. One of the hardest parts is keeping up with the bad guys. For every virus or piece of malware that is patched and added to a library of known malware, the bad guys have release many more out into the world. It’s not hard to see why this is a losing model.

That is why we do things differently.

Our Anti-virus and Malware protection software doesn’t require a library of known bad software. Instead it uses a process called “heuristic analysis”. Heuristic analysis is a method designed to detect previously unknown computer viruses, as well as new variants of viruses already in the “wild”. With this method, we can protect your system better than ever before.

BluZEBRA’s IT Security Expertise includes:

  • THREAT DETECTION – Detect threats before they become a concern
  • SECURITY GAP ANALYSIS – Identify security gaps within your systems
  • DELIBERATE PHISHING & TRAINING – Test your systems security with phishing emails
  • SECURITY TRAINING – Train your staff in basic Internet security awareness
  • DATA BREACH THREAT ANALYSIS – Organized approach to post-security breach
  • SECURITY AUDITING – Manual & systematic measurable technical assessments

Penetration Testing

Want to know how vulnerable you are to the bad guys hacking your network? A penetration test is a process of identifying exploitable security holes and vulnerabilities in an organization’s hardware and software. It is designed to test networks, servers, applications, mobile platforms, laptops, wireless systems, printers and any other hardware or system that can store, transmit or process data that a cyber-criminal can exploit – i.e. ‘take control’ of your systems. We can send in our certified ethical hackers to test your environment and try and break in so that you can fix the problems before they arise.

Sometimes the best way to know where you are vulnerable is to find out the hard way. Any Internet-facing organization is under a constant threat of cyber-attack. In the majority of cases, cyber criminals are not discerned regarding their victims – the one thing they look for above all in a target is a network with vulnerabilities. So, could this be yours?

Security Auditing

Don’t know how secure your network is? No problem, our security experts can audit everything and provide you a full report of where you are standing and things you might want to fix. No one relishes an audit. But you’re the one on the hot seat if your organization gets hacked. If you’re responsible for information security, you should want–you should insist–on thorough regular audits. The best part is that we can then go ahead and come up with and implement a plan to fix it.

Phishing, training and testing

Every day is a battle against cyber baddies intent on lying and cheating their way into your IT environment. The war against phishing attackers is real, and there are many ways you may become a target. Offense should inform your defense: understanding how, when and where you are vulnerable should shape your plan of action. That is why we offer in depth testing of your users to find vulnerabilities and where you might be susceptible to phishing attacks. On top of that we provide training to your users to inform them about what phishing is, how to avoid it, and what to do if you think you are being attacked. After all one of the biggest weaknesses any organization can have is lack of knowledge.

Data Breach Threat Analysis

No location, industry or organization is immune from attack. Even with the strongest defenses, you can’t bank on not being breached. Our Data Breach Threat Analysis proactively identifies the types of attacks that companies are experiencing, and the origin of the attacks, and determines if there is evidence of an existing threat in the form of malware and viruses. After data breaches occur, analysis often finds clear evidence of malicious activity in the audit logs. If you can detect threats to your systems in time, you can stop them before they can do damage.

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