Document Management Solutions in Human Resources

A human resources employee wears many hats, overseeing the internal operations of a business. Within HR, employees manage processes like recruiting, onboarding, arranging benefits, training and professional development, and performance reviews. Other responsibilities include salary negotiations, promotions, workplace injuries or grievances, and risk management.

During each of these processes, the HR employee is responsible for keeping records. For example, I-9s must be stored; insurance forms must be submitted; injuries must be documented; performance reviews must be signed and put into a personnel file, and so on. Human resources staff need to keep diligent records due to government statutes, company policy, ongoing procedures, and a host of other reasons.


HR also needs to store these records securely, as they have access to delicate information about employees. Paper documents are susceptible to security breaches. For example, paper can be duplicated at an MFP, misfiled, or mis-delivered.

If records containing paper information aren’t securely locked away at all times, and disposed of correctly, security breaches are very possible. Many companies spend money on secure filing cabinets, or third-party storage centers. Eliminating paper, however, could result in much greater cost savings as well as security.

Employees must also have easy access to information. Forms regulated by the government could be requested, or inspected, with little notice. Paperwork that is part of ongoing processes—such as a workplace injury—may need to be referenced often, or sent to different people at different times.

With hardcopy storage, HR may need to pull the requested information from personnel files, insurance files, government files, and more. This can mean looking in several different locations, assuming the papers were correctly filed to begin with. One alphabetizing mistake or accidental staple to another form can make it impossible to find important paperwork.

But a document management solution can make information much easier to retrieve through searchable fields like employee name, social security number, and date. Here are a few other capabilities of document management solutions that could revolutionize your record keeping:

  • Digitize hardcopy documents, so that they can be completed digitally
  • Drag-and-drop files where they need to go
  • Combine different file types, such as PDF, Word documents, and images into one document
  • Automatically check in and check out, enabling the locking of a file so it cannot be altered while you have it open
  • Connect to online storage sites, such as Google Drive or Dropbox
  • View an audit trails to see who has accessed or changed a document