4 Ways to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life and Charge

Tech Quick Tips by 1. Keep the Vents Clear Never ever sit your laptop on a couch cushion, or on a mattress, or anything soft that hinders airflow through the little slot on the bottom and sides of your machine. Those vents can suck up dust and debris, clogging up the fans and causing your[…]

5 Ways to Reduce Eyestrain when using Computers & Smartphones

5 Ways to Reduce Eyestrain when using Computers & Smartphones #1 – The Obvious – Dim your computer or phone screen. There is also the “Auto Brightness” option on most smartphones. With this setting turned on, your phone will automatically adjust brightness according to the amount of light you are currently in. #2 – 20-20[…]

Fake Apps Aimed at Holiday Shoppers

Fake apps have made their way to the Apple App Store just in time for holiday shoppers. The apps seemed to have originated from China and pose as retailers such as Dollar Tree, Foot Locker and Nordstrom. While some are harmless, others can steal your credit card information, install malware on your device and also[…]

3 Ways to Boost Mobile Security

BluZebra Quick Tech Tips 3 Ways to Boost Mobile Security 1. Set a pin or passcode. This is your first line of defense. If someone wants to access your device, they will first need to break this code. This is not an easy task, and can operate as a deterrent against theft. Some device manufacturers[…]