March 31, 2016



BluZEBRA Technologies is a division of Copiers Northwest which has been servicing the business community for over 30 years. BluZEBRA carries the expertise in technology and customer service into an organization focused on providing technology solutions for innovating businesses. BluZEBRA operates by the business philosophy of:

“IT Services. Managed.”

This standard means BluZEBRA focuses on managing your critical IT infrastructure so you can focus on driving your business objectives. Our goal is to leverage best practices in business-enhancing processes to provide high value for our clients IT dollars.


We at BluZEBRA believe every client needs to be treated as a distinct business in order to understand your business, processes and initiatives. Operating on the BZT Streamline Architecture helps to increase your business’s efficiency and improving the value of your IT portfolio.

You will be backed up by a strong team of IT professionals because we are more than just Managed IT. We are a group of people who work in an industry we love. This translates into a passionate approach in how we manage your overall infrastructure. We think about technology so you do not have to.


What if your IT spending is predicable? What if your IT infrastructure is out-of-date and lacking innovation? What if your computer was able to communicate directly with our techs and we were able to solve problems before problems occur? What if you had a business continuity strategy in place for your business in case of an emergency failure?

BluZEBRA utilizes optimal strategies to assist your business in streamlining its IT infrastructure and support. Through technical expertise and a large portfolio of IT services, BluZEBRA is leveraged to meet each client’s strategic goals, planning for now and into the future.