Phishing Scam Alert: Emails asking to do a HIPAA Audit

There’s a new phishing email making the rounds that your firm needs to be aware of if you deal with protected health information (PHI) in any way and are subject to HIPAA rules and regulations. The email is quite good, appearing for all intents and purposes to be an official communication from the Department of[…]

BluZEBRA Technologies – Help Desk Competencies

Who comprises the BluZEBRA Technologies technical team? At BluZEBRA Technologies we refer to our technical team as mentors, this comes from our background in providing eLearning support solutions and our ‘how to’ training approach to each support interaction. BluZEBRA mentors are carefully selected for their expertise, real world experience, and enthusiasm for all things technical,[…]

5 Tips to Help You Transition to Macs

1. Spotlight Search Pour an extra cup of coffee for your new best friend. Spotlight is a handy-dandy tool to help you find nearly anything and everything on a Macintosh computer. In the top right of your screen you will see a magnifying glass. Click it, and type in what you are looking for. That[…]

4 Ways to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life and Charge

Tech Quick Tips by 1. Keep the Vents Clear Never ever sit your laptop on a couch cushion, or on a mattress, or anything soft that hinders airflow through the little slot on the bottom and sides of your machine. Those vents can suck up dust and debris, clogging up the fans and causing your[…]